Popularly known as "IT Guru"
Celebrity CIO awarded with many national and international prestigious awards for Innovations and Excellence

Dr. Makarand Sawant

Ranked among India's Top Eminent CIOs

With my research work I have successfully achieved a very important milestone of becoming a Doctorate in Management Studies with Specialization in my field of Information Technology (IT). The core subject of my research was Analytics with research title "USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TO GIVE BUSINESS VALUE". My research was focused on the latest technology solutions like Cloud, Mobility, Bigdata, IoT & Collaboration which enables Analytics and can be further enhanced to Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Robotics and Neural Science with successful use cases across domains like Biotech, BFSI, Automobile, Manufacturing, Telecom, Tourism etc. specially in Biotech (Healthcare, Pharma & Research). In current competitive world all businesses are moving towards the Digital Transformation journey and the future technologies are moving towards Analytics in a very big way. Analytics will be clearly a future technology for next 20 yrs. or even more and will transform everything that it touches. Automation will be done almost of each and every work process with great accuracy & efficiency.